Mama Bear

I know I said this was a site with tips and info and stories about my pest management business, but I’m also using it as a repository for my own stories that I like to write. Enjoy this one!


Mama Bear

The grass shone as the newfound sunlight danced on the morning dew. There was a slight wind, coming from the east. The abandoned ruins of a city lay in the distance. Dark and unsettling, yes, but beautiful all the same.

Out of a nearby cave, a Brown Bear lumbered out into the light. She had been asleep with her children many months, but spring was now upon them, and all was well.

A bird flew overhead, a white dove. White as the clouds in the background, it soared as high as it could go, basking in the warmth of a new day.

A creek bubbled in front of the cave, and the cubs went tumbling over each other in their haste to play in the cool water. Mama bear trudged after them, keeping a watchful eye.

The hair on her back rose as she detected a sound in the bushes nearby. She called to her cubs and a silence ensued.

This silence was not as peaceful as the light on the morning dew, nor the breeze through her hair.

It was tense.

It was as tense as the moment before a lightning strike. When all the world stops and stares. When the inevitable is about to happen, but the inevitable is as mysterious as the future.

In one instant, a group of men leapt out of the shadows. They held spears and fire.

Mama knew they wanted her cubs. She knew they wanted the fur on their back, the bones in their bodies. She knew because her mama died saving her from these wretched man tribes.

She stood on her back legs and bellowed a mighty roar. The dew seemed to quiver in its wake, and the morning pigeon spread its wings and darted away.

She swept a mighty paw at the men, making them back away. She moved in between her and her cubs. She would die before she’d have them harmed.

The men started jabbing her with their sharp rocks. They started leering at her. Yelling. Shouting. Confusing her. She charged and she rammed and she clawed.

She picked one of the men up in her mighty jaws and shook him until his bones broke. She let him down on the ground and growled at the other men, daring them to approach.

They grabbed the broken man and dragged him off, waving their fire sticks to keep her back.

She roared one last roar before turning around, nuzzling her children in the opposite direction. She put her nose softly on each of theirs in turn. Accounting for all of them. She turned and trudged off into the woods. Despite this, they still had quite a day ahead of them.

The sunlight got back up and continued its dance on the morning dew. The dove swept back around, watching over the forest. It was white like the clouds in the backdrop behind.

Anything goes in the forest. Anything.

The End

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