About William


Hey there, how’s it going?

My name is William. I own a pest eradication company. It’s called Efficient Rat Management. That’s how I settled on the URL for my blog site: ERM-firm.com. (Clever, right?)

So, yeah, I deal with rats and other pests. I just call it Efficient Rat Management as an overall all-encompassing name. I actually eradicate all kinds of pests, including other rodents, vermin, critters, and disgusting unwanted crawling things.

I decided to have a blog site to post stories about what happens during the course of the average day in my business. We have some pretty funny stories that come up.

But the blog site is also for posting tips and news and things that I think my customers and clients should be aware of or would like to be aware of.

So this is a combination of a customer service site and a site where I can just put down the stories of funny and interesting things that happened.

You may wonder how I got into the world of pest management.

I actually grew up in the South Pacific and was surrounded by critters and creatures of all kinds. Most of them I didn’t mind too much but there were a few things that I really could not tolerate. This was rats, spiders, and cockroaches.

Those things just totally grossed me out. I could not stand them.

We had other critters that I saw regularly like giant rhinoceros beetles, long scorpions, millipedes, bugs of all sorts that defied description, and other small creatures. Oh, and snakes. None of those things bothered me. Those three things that I mentioned earlier—the cockroaches, rats, and spiders—were things that I just never developed a tolerance for.

I left that place in the south Pacific when I was finished with high school and moved back to the United States.

At that point I was trying to decide what to do with my life. I went to school and then went and got my various degrees.

So armed with all of my smarts from school and my degrees, I launched my business. That first business was a complete failure.

It didn’t matter that I had taken all of the courses in the world on business management and accounting. The whole things just went belly up in about three years.

I was not daunted. I looked at what I did and figured out some of the things that went wrong. Some of them were in my control and some of them were not in my control.

So I decided to start a new business dealing with things that I knew about, which were bugs and critters and nasty unwanted things. This next business has been a great success.

I’m really glad I stuck with it and tried a second time.

So welcome to my blog, and I hope you enjoy the stories and the tips and the information.