Runaway (on a) Train

I’m back with another story!


Runaway (on a) Train

You know, it’s funny. You always hear about kids running away. Like the funny little toddlers that try to pack a bag, usually consisting of their favorite toy and some candy, and then running into the front lawn.

Or a teen, trying to get away, leaves and never returns. Packs their bags and leaves in the dead of night.

But you never hear about adults running away. Nope. Not once. But I’m running away.

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Ron the Stowaway

This was a tough day for me in the pest extermination business, so I crawled home, put on my earphones, cranked the tunes to 11, and wrote this story for you. . . .


Ron the Stowaway

You know what? Ron knew he’d messed up. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days. But Ron also knew he’d messed up bad. Like, he had messed up worse than he had thought he had, at first.

He was a castaway. He had hidden inside a crate being loaded on board the largest ship of the armada. He just wanted to get out of this new world and back to America. And of course the one time he had stepped out of line, he ended up accidentally boarding a pirate ship.

How does one even do that?

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